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Have you ever wondered what happens to all those dogs and cats waiting impatiently at rescue centers for good souls to open their hearts and adopt a forever furry friend? Better yet, do you wish to help but don’t quite know how?

Rescued dog needs a home

Rescued dog needs a home

Animal rescue centers always welcome whatever help they can get whether you choose to
– volunteer
– foster
– adopt a dog or a cat
– donate to help take care of rescued animals and relieve the financial burden of those institutions

Homeless cat having a rest

Homeless cat taking a rest

And what about stray cats and dogs living in desperate situations? How can you lend a hand so that their lives become more tolerable or better yet, to end their suffering and help them find a permanent loving home?

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Our intent is to create an ever growing hub of resources about the rescue, shelter, fostering and adoptions of cats and dogs and provide a well of information on taking care of your newly adopted pet dog or cat.

Here’s hoping you get inspired to take action and do the right thing by these wonderful furry souls!